An Advertisement On Interest And Entertainment Websites Essay

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This paper will focus on advertisements that are strategically placed on interest /entertainment and companies’ websites. The goal of these advertisements is to trigger problem recognition. I will further explain how each advertisement chosen was placed there to trigger a problem that needed to be solved.
General Interest / Entertainment Web Site
The two entertainment websites I found trigger problem recognition advertisements on are and Both advertisements were very well placed and focused on saving money, everyone can always learn more ways to make their financial situations better. On there was an advertisement that encourages opening an American express account. On there was an advertisement encouraging viewers to save one hundred dollars at Best Buy for a Dell computer.
Web Site Chosen
I choose to discuss how American Express’ advertisement was strategically placed on The advertisement is encouraging people to have an account through American Express. This advertisement is a trigger because some people look to celebrities for their fashion guidance, idolizing their images. This means they go to any extreme to make a purchase and that includes taking on credit to make it happen.
The trigger of the advertisement is the possible need for money the browser may have.
A person can be on the site looking at some shoes a celebrity is wearing, valued at nine hundred dollars. An impulsive shopper may see the said…
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