An Analysis Of Kathryn Schulz 's Writing, An Essay, Evidence, And Self Subversive Thinking

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Kathryn Schulz is an excellent writer who wrote an essay, Evidence, regarding her ways of thinking and how different types of “evidence” prove said different ways of thinking. “We rely on it […] to advance our understanding of the world” (Schulz, 362). She explains in great detail throughout the entire piece the importance of evidence in everyday life. The evidence she is explaining is the proof of why people think how they think or why they do what they do. “We care about what is probable. We determine what is probable based on our prior experience of the world” (Schulz, 366).
The two ways of thinking that Schulz explains in her essay are “unmodified assertions” and “self-subversive thinking.” She compares the user of unmodified assertions to a “confident bulldozer.” Unmodified assertions include words like, ‘always,’ ‘never’ and ‘best/worst,’ while self-subversive thinking includes types of words such as ‘but;’ those that show a change in thinking. Schulz ___thesis___? Although both types of thinking are very important, generally people take evidence in both ways; people typically apply a mix of the two to the ways they think and speak. ? “[…] evidence is the engine that drives the entire miraculous machinery of human cognition” (Schulz, 364).
One of the most important parts of thinking is inductive reasoning, which is referred to in the essay multiple times. Schulz states that inductive reasoning is something that is there from birth, and as you grow older, you are
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