An Analysis Of Leyeles Wall Street

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Leyeles’ poem “Wall Street”, is from the perspective of Wall Street itself. It talks about how it has become one of the most powerful cities of all time. Its control of the American people is only to be rivaled with the control of Ashurbanipal, Alexander, Tamerlane, and Bonaparte. An obvious connection to Wall Street is what people go there for, money. In the first and third stanza, the color “yellow” comes up to describe money and how much of an influence it has over people. In the first stanza, the color yellow comes up when Wall Street talks about where it acquired it power. It says, “Not with whip. / Not with blood. / Not with sword-- / Or race for land / I rule / With paper / And a yellow craving” (360). Wall Street is talking about…show more content…
Leyeles writes “Stone, everywhere stone. / And under the stone-- / A heart. / Cold, shimmering / … Eternal clandestine ritual. / Yellow glimmer, / Trembling hands of high priests” (361). The color yellow lets us know that Wall Street has a heart made of money. Since a heart is needed to keep an organism alive, it means that Wall Street is totally dependent on money. Without money to rule over its people, it would wither away and die off. So money is the device used to rule, but is also an Achilles heel. Much like any of the great leaders would lose their power if their armies went away, the same would happen to Wall Street if its “yellow glimmer” were to disappear. This may seem like a major flaw in Wall Street’s way of acquiring power, but Leyeles’ quote shows otherwise. Referring to the business practices of Wall Street as an “Eternal clandestine ritual”, and one that is carried out in the “Trembling hands of high priests”, the idea that the practices if Wall Street are almost close to religious. People crave money so much that it can be compared to a religious practice. Just like people crave eternal salvation, people want money just as much even to the point where it has turned ritualistic in how they make money. This is why Wall Street’s power will never fail, people’s “yellow craving” is too great of one to give up, much like a
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