An Analysis of the Global Significance of the 2012 London Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

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An analysis of the global significance of the 2012 London Summer Olympics opening ceremony

The 2012 London Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony (Hereafter LSOOC) was watched by 62,000 spectators in the stadium and an estimated audience of one billion across all five continents, it was for a few hours the focal-point of the world. This essay will conclude that the live broadcast of this major-sporting media event has become economically significant; primarily as a result of the increasing global commercialisation of sport.

Sport is seen as the most desirable element of television viewing. It has played a significant role in the growth of television, especially during its emergence as a global technological
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This sort of behaviour is motivated in and around public venues that provide large television screens for viewing pleasure. The manipulation of time and space has led to the accessibility of television in bars and restaurants which led to the construction of a world enabled public sphere. Consequently, the event itself becomes a dispersed occasion taking place not only at the sports arena, but also within homes and other public places.

The Olympics Games
The Olympic Games is a major internationalized media event, it highlights both summer and winter sports in which athletes from around the world can participate in. The Olympic Games are considered to be the worlds’ most notable contest with more than 200 nations competing. The Summer Olympic Games are held quadrennialy, meaning that the event occurs every four years.

Media events are live television broadcasts. The rise of television has allowed for audiences to act as a witness to the spectacle. While sporting tournaments offer commentary to shape the spectators perceptions, ‘Contests’ and ‘Coronations’ invite the audience at home and at the live event to act as partisans and judges. The audience is then obligated to assess the team’s performance not only in the games, but also the display of the opening ceremony, in which the national identity of the country is unveiled.

The Olympic Charter is a set of rules and guidelines for the Olympic Games,
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