An Animal Model For Research Purposes

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Cancer is a leading cause of death in humans and animals, and some cancers are contagious. Recent research findings have highlighted the possibility for cancer cells to escape from their hosts and become dangerous, infectious pathogens. Although rarely seen in humans, clonally transmissible cancers affect several species of animals and have endangered the population of Tasmanian Devils. Using animal models for research has saved many species from extinction and could someday save ours, but it does not come without controversy. Society is understandably concerned about protecting the welfare and rights of animals, and fortunately, so is the research community. Thus, the use of laboratory animals is governed, legislated, and regulated with careful considerations. When choosing an animal model for research purposes, specific concerns need to be acknowledged. It is very important that the chosen animal species are an appropriate match in regards to genetic equivalence, biologic properties, and exchangeability of information. They also must be relatively easy to work with and adaptable to experimental manipulation. Information, cost, and availability of the species should also be examined. While environmental consequences and ethical implications may not necessarily directly affect the research results, they must not be overlooked. In all regards,it is imperative to prioritize the mitigation of animal suffering. In order to understand the origin and evolution of

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