An Army Of One Me Analysis

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Heraclitus once stated, “Change is the only constant in life.” Since everything is eventually going to change, it is incorrect to assume that societal values, such as the GenMe’s value of self –esteem, will be fixated in the society for the future generations. In Ethan Watters’ “The Mega –Marketing of Depression in Japan,” Watters demonstrates the idea of how capitalism and advertisements make one selfish and exploit the idea of happiness. Jean Twenge’s “An Army of One: Me,” shows how even parents can have an underlying level of selfishness and in order for children to stop naively accepting their parent’s ideas lies in the children being able to accept criticism. Daniel Gilbert’s “Immune to Reality,” explains how one cannot control his or …show more content…

In order to change for improvement, a person needs to cultivate self –awareness. It is important to understand that when people introduce ideas to others, there is an underlying sense of selfishness motivating this action. While GenMe can reverse its course, it would be better for GenMe to change completely as that would allow for GenMe to not be selfish, like the Boomers. When the Boomers proposed ideas to GenMe, GenMe accepted the ideas due to lack of self -control over his or her brain. The way for GenMe to become better individuals lies in cultivating self –awareness, which will allow GenMe to improve on its weaknesses, envision how certain decisions can affect one, and become less self-interested. However, due to societal norms and the way in which the brain works, one can tend to believe that self –awareness can decrease self –absorbance and hurt one’s own image of self –worth, which is not true. Hence, it can be tough for one to accept his or her weaknesses. While the key for cultivating self –awareness depends on an individual’s will, it also depends on the society. It is evident that it is time for everyone to become positive, eventually leading to a better future for GenMe and the upcoming

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