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Yang-Tan (2007) wrote an article introducing his theory using prayer and scripture to treat patients. Yang-Tan (2007) discuss two models the first, is called self-regulations which focus on recognition of mental events in the present moment and the second is involves adapting to openness and acceptance. Yang-Tang(2007) model combines prayer and scripture to help patience’s heal from their problems. The goal is to help patients to feel whole and experience healing through God. All patients sign an consent form to agree to this form of treatment.
Yang-Tan (2007) has used this method for over 25 years, in different therapeutic settings as well as bible colleges. The method includes eight biblical approach, 1.To show Gods love and
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Implicit refers to the discussion of religion and spiritual issues, but does not have an open discussion of spiritual resources. Explicit uses spiritual resources in therapy such as prayer and scripture. Both methods are effective, however it depends on the client needs depending on which method a therapist would use. Yang-Tan (2007) states that CBT method involves the explicit integration, and it goes along with therapists who practice a more structured and problem-solving style of therapy. However Yang-Tan (2007) own practice he has used the explicit integration approach for all types of emotional problems such as anxiety disorders, stress and family problems, but not limited to bipolar disorder and epilepsy pain. The first session starts with a 2 hour intake which will determine if prayer and scripture will be used. Pray is not used in every session, it is used when appropriate.
Yang-Tan (2007) also uses another approach inner healing prayer, there are 7 steps to inner healing prayer. 1. Begin with prayer for protection from evil, allow the Holy Spirit to take control. 2. Help the client to relax by using relaxation strategies. 3. Help the client recall a painful past event or trauma. 4. Allow the Holy Spirit to come and lead the moment. 5. Wait to hear from the Lord, wait quietly to hear from the Lord. 6. Close in prayer. 7. Discuss the inner healing and the session my assign an assignment to do at home.
The goal is for healing and to feel whole. Through prayer
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