An Article On His Theory Using Prayer And Scripture

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Yang-Tan (2007) wrote an article introducing his theory using prayer and scripture to treat patients. Yang-Tan (2007) discuss two models the first, is called self-regulations which focus on recognition of mental events in the present moment and the second is involves adapting to openness and acceptance. Yang-Tang(2007) model combines prayer and scripture to help patience’s heal from their problems. The goal is to help patients to feel whole and experience healing through God. All patients sign an consent form to agree to this form of treatment.
Yang-Tan (2007) has used this method for over 25 years, in different therapeutic settings as well as bible colleges. The method includes eight biblical approach, 1.To show Gods love and to build a good relationship with the client. 2. Deal with the past and unresolved issues and childhood traumas. 3. To focus on what scripture says about our lives and learn from God’s wisdom, and how in some cases there could be some demonic involvement. 4.Behavor changes can help with the clients problem. 5. Believing in the Holy Spirt for healing and emotional change. 6. To focus on outside relationships and outside resources to help with intervention, such as family, and the church. 7. Using biblical truth as healing, receiving God’s blessing and love. 8. Research methodology before making definitive statements about the superiority of all methods.
Yang-Tan (2007) also discuss two other models Implicit and Explicit integration in…
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