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Many interesting points are presented in this book with an assortment of interesting ways the book introduces serious issues surrounding statistics as it relates to influencing outcomes that are of very high importance in people’s lives. One example is the idea of manupilation of health statistics that are made to present trends in cancer that was the focus of one of the statistical analysis reports that followed patients over a period of time but failed to give a description of how the statistic model was carried out. The insusing outcome was never explained to be based on random sampling information that was collected over a period of time that did not cover the time period of a given time that would be deliver of good statistical results. The book boost on pretence. It could be interpretered as being a primer in ways to use statistics to deceive an audience by those individuals who might be of the persuasion to take the information and run with the examples to sell points and ideas that otherwise might not fly in our everyday world. It is in away a simple and effective statistical device to impress readers about how much people can be duped by the statistics in many ways by the use of “word average”- mean, median, or a mode model as a vehicle for the collection of data. This book is definitely concise while being practical in its development and presentation. It is also witty and unique in that it introduces concepts in ways that are sellable to the
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