Health Issues Of Ill Health

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It is important that patterns of ill health are monitored as the Department of Health need to know where to target the funds, and need to know what areas they need to target. For example, if the levels of obesity are rising then the Department of Health needs to target this by putting in weight maintenance courses and referring patients to clinics or recommending operations if they are beyond helping themselves. Patterns of ill health help the Department of Health to see what areas are increasing and the reasons for this. The research into why this happens helps them to know how to tackle the problem.
Statistics are used to monitor and recognise the patterns of ill health throughout the UK. Once statistics are collected they are published on the National Statistics website. It is important to monitor patterns of ill health and recognise where there is a dramatic increase or increase as then the health and social funding can be spent in areas which need more help. For example, if there is a rising problem with obesity, then funds can be spent to help those who are unable to control their weight, more services will be able to be provided to those who are obese. Illnesses such as obesity are on the rise but also illnesses associated with smoking, drinking and drugs are also, funding is targeted at providing help for those who suffer from these illnesses.
Ill health is monitored through statistics, reports and patterns of ill health. It is observed through the use of
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