An Attack On The Hipaa System

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Medical technology gives accessibility to online hackers and the possibilities for an attack on the Hipaa system. The way this system is set up it goes not only to public individuals but also government individuals, so smartphones can be used to hack a server and cause delicate information to get out. Personal information is stored in one location for convenience and accessibility, which is all the same for an identity thief. Smart phones can also be used for other measures such as getting into personal information and which is also part of being a hacker.
Advantages of the smart apps would include engagement with the patient. Patients have access to their real time information which shows the trust between the patient and the physician. Some patients are even calling these apps the front line to modern medicine. This apps do so much; for example Traxion. This is an app that allows you to have a mobile trainer and it watches you and tracks your health and the way things are going for you. It also gives feed back to your doctor so they can know how you are doing with your health.
Efficiency and time management is another amazing thing about these apps following along with the patient engagement. Patient save time by not having to pick up test result and visit the office repeatedly just to get updated information. Login into applications such as iDoc, Inewleaf, ect helps with savings for the patient. A point that is included in my scenario is if the NFL player did harm his…
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