An Awareness Of Life Of A Person With A Physical Disability

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Introduction The wheelchair assignment was meant for students to develop an awareness of the life of a person with a physical disability. Different barriers that I became more aware of during this excessive include physical and attitudinal. To complete this experience one had to sit in a wheelchair for at least two hours within a public setting. It was preferred that students left Convocation because numerous students, faculty, and staff within the building knew about this assignment. If a student stayed within Convocation then it is likely that they would not experience a wide variety of social reactions or barriers around the rest of the campus. Social Reactions Before the simulation began, I asked a friend if they would be my buddy in …show more content…

I had heard stories of a past student that was had ROTC student saluted them. I have also talked to students that never left the convocation center because they felt awkward in the wheelchair. I was nervous that people would ask how I ended up in a wheelchair and then not understand the purpose of the simulation. Once the simulation began, it was a little awkward at first due to trying to learn how to make turns. After learning how to control the wheelchair, it was weird to see how people attitudes seemed automatically different compared to when I was walking around earlier that day. About halfway through I began to get restless and was tempted once or twice to break character and stretch, but I decided against it. Later on, I was getting agitated with people avoiding my eye contact and all of the glances back. I wanted to scream that it was just a wheelchair. Getting food within in the lower dining hall of Central was also a struggle because I couldn’t reach numerous of the food options which was frustrating. I did appreciate how the people working in the dining room didn’t complete task differently because I was in a wheelchair. During this assignment, there wasn’t much that I felt that I couldn’t accomplish if I really wanted it, but at one point I started to realize how different life would be if I couldn’t walk. After the simulation, I was thrilled to get out of the wheelchair and stretch my legs out. At first, it felt strange to

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