Disability Simulation Paper On Disability

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Disability Awareness Simulation Paper
Disability simulation is the process where an able-bodied individual assumes a position of the person with disability to try and understand what really happens in the life of a person with disability. It is offers experience that allows one to learn more about people living with disability and hopefully treat them better; have a change of perception. It gives ‘first hand’ experience on how life of person with disability really is. A day alternating as a person on the wheelchair and as assistant had so much to offer as will be illustrated below.
First was to use public transportation. My partner and I chose to ride the bus to catch a glimpse of what using a wheelchair in the bus would mean. I was the assistant in this case. At first I thought it would be an easy time working as an assistant. I expected to be given priority and special treatment as I had a ‘person on the wheelchair’ with me; but no. Boarding the bus was a bit difficult since the bus did not have enough space to accommodate the wheelchair. We needed help to get in as the floor of the bus was higher than the ground we stood on. In the bus, the wheelchair had to be folded while in the bus since the space to put it was limited.
This was an eye-opener for us to advocate for public transportation especially the bus to be modified to accommodate persons with physical disability using a wheelchair. A lift or a ramp could be provided for easy boarding of the bus. Additional space
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