An Effective Educational Environment Within The Church Essay

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If the Minister of Education ever wishes to instill an effective educational environment within the church, he must not depend on his own understanding or abilities, he must model everything he does after Jesus. The Gospels are overflowing with accounts of the teaching ministry of Jesus. Furthermore, the most frequently used tittle for Jesus in the New Testament,being used forty-five times, was “teacher”, and the tittle “Rabbi”, meaning teacher, was used fourteen times. The writers of the New Testament held Jesus Christ in such high regard that they referred to Him as a teacher or Rabbi more often than they called Him by name. Jesus was largely known as a great teacher, the Master Teacher. As the Master Teacher, Jesus employed a variety of teaching methods such as parables, object lessons, dialogue, comparisons, poetry, hyperbole and puns. Jesus employed these techniques so he could reach a wide variety of people.
“Jesus was creative in His use of methods to teaching a wide variety of persons in an equally wide variety of situations. Though creative, He maintained an educational balance between the traditions of His people and the more complete revelation of God’s will for humankind.”

Jesus, while He was one with God (John 10:30), taught mankind from a human position so that they would understand the words he spoke. As Jesus utilized many different teaching methods to reach numerous types of people, so should the Minister of Education. There is always going to be diversity

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