An Encouragement for Small Businesses

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Encouragement of Small Business
The Congress has the authority to impose requirements for the federal procurement policies. Through the acquisition process, the government procures goods and services from diverse players. The process consists of three phases that are, acquisition planning and need recognition, contract formation and contract administration. Federal acquisition regulation (FAR) regulates the activities of the government in the procurement process. The system does not regulate the activities of the private sectors, but it affects the operation of private firms incorporated into the federal government by way of solicitation and reference of contracts. Congress, on the other hand, imposes requirements on private sectors whereby, agencies of the government obtain goods and services from private individuals or sectors. One of these authorities comes to be when congress exercises its mandate by promoting subcontracting and contracting with small business entities (Columba, Gambacorta & Mistrulli, 2010). Declaration of these measures by congress ensures that small business entity gets a chance to contract with government agencies. Congress should aid, assist, protect, and counsel small business entities to ensure their survival in the market. Congress mandate ensure that there is fair competition in the procurement market within agencies and in ensuring that there is fair proportion set aside for small enterprises. Small entities need not only be
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