An Essay About Irreversible And Its Effects On Life Essay

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In the days following the in-person research, Patients continued to think about irreversible joint damage and its implications– namely, loss of mobility and independence.
My take-away has been about thinking long-term. I want to live with as little damage to my body as possible. If I can prevent this, I will have peace of mind that I 've done, on my part, all I can – RA, NYC
The thing that stuck with me was the reminder that any damage is irreversible – RA, NYC
The main word that comes to mind is, irreversible. It was the one word everyone could relate to and it 's a huge reality check. What I 'm dealing with is irreversible, there 's no going back. The question is, what am I going to do to move forward – RA, NYC
I’m thinking about Irreversible, Cannot be undone, Attack back, Future is now, Powerful ally – PsA, Dallas
It affects every aspect of my life especially the emotional side of losing the ability to do the things that I once was able to do. I also continue to be very concerned about further damage to my body - RA, Dallas
In addition to being sticky, irreversible joint damage is also a powerful call to action. Most Patients have already or plan to find out more about biologics by contacting their rheumatologists, finding out if their insurance will cover the cost, and learning more about the experiences of other treaters by asking around and doing online research.
I now have a stronger sense of urgency as to the care of my PsA. I feel I really need to get it
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