An Essay About Ndlorukazi

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Sienna Mascareñas
Mr. Worley
AP World History
May 22, 2017
Ndlorukazi “Nandi” kaBebe eLangeni, Queen, Mother, and Influential Woman
History is filled with an endless number of very significant individuals that are remembered because they never gave up, even when all odds were against them. Ndlorukazi “Nandi” kaBebe eLangeni was an exceptional woman that was demoted to the bottom but raised her children to be fearless and know they can work their way up. She became a very powerful queen over the Zulu clan. Nandi is a very strong individual that never let the negativity of others get in her way. She was also a determined woman that always spoke her mind. Her humble beginnings and the struggles she faced in her early years made her strong and resilient. Later, she shared a special bond with her son that was built by all of the experiences that they shared. Her courage would serve her well when she became a queen. Ultimately,
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Nandi is said to have died from dysentery but there was talk that Shaka killed her. There was much controversy on how Nandi actually died. One story says Shaka’s aunt claimed Shaka killed Nandi so people would turn against him. Zulu belief has it that Shaka killed women he impregnated to prevent heirs from taking his throne as he became increasingly paranoid during the later years of his reign. It is said Shaka stabbed Nandi with a sharp spear because she let one of the women he impregnated leave with her son. Nandi was buried two days after her death with others they killed because custom said a person of her rank could not die alone. They killed cooks and servants to accompany her in the afterlife. The death of Nandi sent Shaka and his people into a year of mourning. The people were thrown into a panic and as a result, thousands of people and cattle were killed. An Emkindini uMuzi was built in Melmoth in her honor. Nandi’s death was tragic and took its toll on all the

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