Ida B Wells Achievements

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Ida Barnett-Wells was passionate about changing the social welfare and equality of African
American women. She was adamant in helping support the African American’s progress in politics, law and construct strong business ethics. Wells was the creator of the National
Association for the Advancement of Colored People. No cause competed with her protest against lynching in the 19th century, that gave her a vital legacy. Focal Point
“Ida B. Wells-Barnett the Later Years”, by Leslie Anderson, is a biography about Wells’ life and the encouragement she has brought to so many people. She encountered many hardships in her lifetime which helped her develop into a strong woman. She aspired to challenge
Washington’s leadership, by motivating and rallying
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Wells’ social work began as the first African American
National Board staff member with YWCA. Her work also included supervisory responsibilities in the cities.
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“Ida B. Wells-Barnett”, Biography in context. Wells had received numerous achievements. With the Emancipation Proclamation signed, Wells and her siblings had their freedom. She filed a lawsuit against the railway company for refusing to provide her with first-class seating. The Memphis court ruled in her favor and fined the company $500. Barnett was awarded $300 for damages. Thereafter she began writing editorials. She formed guments against lynching and created an impact on slaves. People who did not agree with her were convinced that she had an impeccable commitment to her arguments.
Ida Barnett-Wells was a true hero for the African Americans. She gave 100% of her time and effort to support and build the African Americans progress in politics, law and strong business ethics. With her help the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was created. With Ida Wells strong ambition to protest against lynching in the 19th century, is
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