An Essay On The Story Of Amnnina Lalande

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This was her only chance. Genevieve pressed herself up against the stone wall. The moisture seeped through woven dress chilling her skin that was already clammy with fear. She reached into the bag that was held tightly against her chest. She had made it this far. All she had left to do was to get pass the guard at the end of the hallway, and she would be free. The distraction had already started. A slip of a girl appeared in one of the doorways. That girl sprinted toward the sleeping female guard and woke the woman from her slumber. Still groggy, the guard blinked at the wild-haired creature while the young girl – a deaf-mute – frantically gestured toward the gaping door of her cell. Sighing, the stout guard rose from her seat, grabbed …show more content…

There was no better place to hide than among the cut stones, heaps of dirt, and the wooden scaffolding. She stuck close to the walls as she made her way over. Chips of gravel bit into her feet. A breeze swept through the courtyard that carried the smell of the Seine River as it went. The rows of windows on the far building flickered with light like a thousand eyes watching causing her to be so distracted that she stubbed her toe on a pick that seemed to be abandoned by a day worker. She closed her eyes trying to ignore her pain until it passed. Then she hobbled on until she reached he shadows of the scaffolding. Marie should have been here by now. The last note that Genevieve had passed to her was very specific: Tonight was the night they were to meet in the courtyard to finish their plans that they had been forming over the past four weeks. She and Marie had been sending notes through the same system without fail for too long for there to be a mix-up. Come, Marie. Come out. Somewhere in the distance the church bells of Paris rang. Above her, the birds, startled by the noise, fluttered their wings anxiously. A stream of dust filtered down from the high scaffolding, covering her shoulder. As the church bell faded, she began to see a figure come out of one of the buildings. Genevieve sucked in a breath and pressed back against the masonry trying her best to stay out of site. If one of the guards saw her, she would be right where she

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