An Evaluation Of Power Relations And Global Supply Chain Of Coffee

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An Evaluation of Power Relations in the Global Supply Chain of Coffee Table of Contents Introduction 4 Evolution of Power Relations in Global Supply Chains 4 Main Actors in Global Supply Chain of Coffee 6 Power Relations in Global Supply Chain of Coffee 9 Consequences of Power Relations 12 Conclusion 13 References 14 Introduction The paper aims in generating a theoretical discussion related to the dimensions of the global supply chain (GSC) and then in narrowing the discussion to embrace the case of the GSCs relating to the coffee production functions carried out on a global scale. It would essentially reflect on the different players or actors involved in the GSC related to coffee production with also the dimensions of the different power relations shared in by the players. The analysis would contribute in understanding the GSC and the global coffee industry to thereby reflect on the different types of interrelationships shared in by the different players in reaching the coffee produces from the manufacturers and growers to the retail markets and the consumers. Evolution of Power Relations in Global Supply Chains The globalisation of the supply chains is observed to contribute in the evolution of new types of power relationships between the different players involved in the supply chain activity. The internationalisation of the supply chains has contributed in the trading of merchandises across international borders thereby requiring the governance functions to be
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