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Ethnicity race report [PDF]. (2017). Frisco, TX: Author. Retrieved from

This document is the total ethnicity demographics within every individual Frisco ISD high school, middle school, and elementary school.Through these different statistical percentages, there is a visible trend that is seen in every Frisco ISD school is a sharp increase in the amount of Asians in each school. In specific schools, Asians are the largest minority and in certain schools are even the majority such as Fowler Middle School. This document highlights the increase in Asian representation within the schools and fulfills one aspect of the overall research components. I found …show more content…

He was also one of the only individuals in last years race that actually attended a Frisco ISD school. Mr. Jayatilaka is an example of a South Asian that ran for a position on the board, and this document displays his level of qualification.
His candidacy helps further my research of whether it is the lack of South Asians that desire to run for these positions or if it is another reason for the lack of representation within the FISD school board. Along with Anjali Shirvaikar, Asanga Jayatilaka is also another suitable candidate that was not able to secure a spot on the Board of Trustees.
Parekh, G., Flessa, J., & Smaller, H. (2016). The Toronto District School Board: A global city school system's structures, processes, and student outcomes. London Review Of Education, 14(3), 65-83. doi:10.18546/LRE.14.3.06

This article discusses how the school district of Toronto addresses its ethnically diverse population, and through which methods it provides an equal academic and career opportunities for different minority groups who in many other communities are overlooked. A very distinct and unique point of view that was introduced in this specific article is the effects that the historical and structural factors in certain areas of the city of Toronto have on the increased acceptance, representation, and awareness of

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