An Immoral Injustice: Designer Babies

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What if a very talented person found out that his or her admirable abilities were not earned, but they were artificially given? Throughout the years, technology has advanced to an unmoral ability to choose a baby’s physical and mental features. Designer babies have been a popular issue in the last decade as a result of the controversial speculations. Although having a “designer baby” is not provided as a public possibility yet, the choice is in the near future. A designer baby is defined as a child whose genes were altered or selected to make sure a specific gene is attendant. Lee M. Silver, Princeton University microbiologist, predicts that the future will hold two human species, naturals and the gene-enriched (Preface to 'Genetic Enhancement of Human Abilities' n.p.). The gene-enriched refers to people with designer genes chosen by parents who have had the same done to them. This technology will first prevent birth defects and later diabetes and heart disease. As artificial genes develop to be common, the technology may be used to prevent drug and alcohol addictions, mental diseases, and eventually to create humans with synthetic characteristics (Preface to 'Genetic Enhancement of Human Abilities' n.p.). Parents will walk into a fertility clinic, choose the desired traits, and pay for the procedure. The fertility procedure to merge three people’s genetic material is currently being contemplated by The Food and Drug Administration (Smith 6). At first the

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