An Important Part Of Interpersonal Communication

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Feedback is known to be an important part of interpersonal communication. It lets speakers know what impact their words are having. When others have an opportunity to respond, a dialogue is created and the content of the messages can be adjusted, or even improved. This dynamic is applied every day in health care settings. Medical professionals rely on feedback throughout their careers to enhance the quality care they provide. Patients enter clinics and emergency rooms seeking feedback from physicians about what is happening to their bodies. Together, medical staff and patients must depend on feedback to reach a diagnosis and find the best course of treatment. Physicians and other medical staff collectively examine patients: recording their vitals, taking an accurate history, and performing a thorough review of certain body systems. All of this is done based on the patients’ chief complaints. Their bodies are sending feedback signals, trying to tell them something is wrong, such as an infection like pneumonia. Patients cannot interpret this feedback themselves, so they seek medical services to further examine them. Sometimes the feedback patients’ bodies send is not very clear. Many diagnoses share signs and symptoms, so physicians should consider other factors as well. The patient may have other conditions that put them at particular risk for other problems to arise. If physicians or staff fail to further investigate in these situations, a potential for serious consequences

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