Case 20 An Position Of Values

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The case study I selected was Case 20 “An Imposition of Values?” A 19 year old college student named Mary Ann who seeks counseling services at her college counseling services at the school she attends. Mary Ann feels depression and know she can perform better in school on her assignments. She speaks about her religious beliefs as an Evangelical Christian, she sins and aspires to be a better person. She comes from a strict religious family. Her grades are low, she sleeps 10 to 12 hours per night, feels sad and has issues motivating herself. She is battling with her in internal self with being a religious person vs. a sinner. Her faith is her substance but she wants to be non-existence. She informed the counselor that she battling with …show more content…

Consulting trusted resources when challenged by the complexities of real world clinical practice is not only the responsible thing to do; it is a demonstration of acting in the best interests of the client. Two instances of professional misconduct presented in the case study

Two instances of professional misconduct presented in this case were a minor neglect of, or failure to accurately complete assigned duties and placement judgment on the client. Mary informed Dr. Peter that she is struggling with negative feelings that are affecting her physically, mentally and spiritually. Instead of Marcus consulting the therapeutic intervention to her depression, he pushed Mary Ann too hard by quoting from the bible and emphasizing on her religious belief.

Most complaints against clinical mental health counselors are in the areas of competence and conduct (e.g., client abandonment, sexual conduct, dishonesty); business practices (e.g., billing, reports, documentation); and professional practices (e.g., termination referrals, employment opportunities, nonprofessional relationships).

Specific information regarding ethical complaints to state licensure boards, despite its obvious importance, can be difficult to obtain. Complaints can be filed by clients, colleagues, attorneys, or

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