An Individuals Resistance to Change

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An Individuals Resistance to Change Throughout the years the world has experience change. In the last five years we have seen drastic change within our country. In 2007 we elected our first African American as president. The technology world has change, almost every electronic we use now are touch screens. Everything outside of the work place has been adapting to change, but can the employees in the workplace adapting to change. Introduction Organizations has become more popular in the workplace rather than the other alternatives. Even though it may related with a crisis, the most powerful companies has to face the need for change. Being able to move different directions and to enhance the functioning of a group can be one of the…show more content…
As a result they are resistant to change, with the fear of not being educated on new skills and behaviors (Barotol,2007). Self Interest are employees resistant to change when the realization of levels of power, money, prestige, job security, and personal convenience are on the line. Resistance can also be based on simply not understanding why a change has become necessary. An example could be when an employee who does not use social media does not understand why a Facebook page would be a good idea for a company. At times the employees really do not understand what the managers motives are so they tend to question why these changes are taking place (Baack,2012). Kotter's Eight-Step Plan. John kotter invented a second approach builds on Lewin's three-step model and adds detail (Kotter, 1996). According to Kotter, change involves 1.Establishing a sense of urgency and a compelling reason to make the change involves Forming a power coalition to lead the change, Creating a new vision with supporting strategies, Communicating the vision to all employees, Empowering others to act on the vision, including encouraging risk taking and creativity, Planning for and rewarding short-term "wins" that move toward the new vision, Consolidating improvements, reassessing changes, and making adjustments and Reinforcing the changes by showing the relationship to organization success. Whichever approach is used, managers should remember that change is often an unsettling process. Expect
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