An Internal Environment Analysis On The Leading Exploration & Production Company

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1. Executive Summary
This report covers an internal environment analysis on the leading Exploration & Production company in India – ONGC. It helps understand how the forces that drive the internal environment contribute to improve brand equity and value to shareholders. Being the highest dividend paying company in the country, ONGC is a sought after stock by investors. In spite of the ever changing global scenario in terms of oil prices, alternative fuel sources and political tussles, the company has managed to be the most profitable ever in its history of more than 50 years. This has been driven by leadership in technology and human resources and diversifying its investments by growing its presence globally.
The vision, mission, value system, management, human resource, performance and brand equity have all contributed for ONGC in delivering great value to shareholders.
2. Vision:
The company aims to be a global leader in the integrated energy sector. It has identified sustainable growth, knowledge leadership and excellent governance practices as the three tools which will help it achieve this.
The vision of the company is audacious as the company looks at being a global energy leader in spite of ranking 21st currently amongst all energy companies in the world (Platts). The focus areas of sustainable growth, knowledge excellence and governance practices will help the company be in good stead in times of rapid changes which can happen not just in crude oil prices but also
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