Persuasive Essay On Blondes

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How many blondes does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Two, one to hold the light bulb and one to spin the ladder.

Everyone knows that blondes are dumb. They're always being silly and love having a good time. They don't take life too seriously and are always up for a laugh. They're never ambitious. But hey, at least they're always up for a party. Everyone knows they have more fun.
But they're not actually funny. Or sporty. They don't achieve big things. So, if you tell a blonde joke you might have to repeat it. But they'll always get there in the end, well most of them will. When you tell a young girl she is dumb, she grows up believing she is. This is a cruel reality that many blondes face today. Hundreds of movies, tv shows and books all have a dumb blonde character in them making young blonde girls grow up in a society telling them that they are dumb. Blonde jokes also add to this. They are derogatory, insulting and wrong. They depict blonde women as less intelligent and very reliable on others. Blondes are always getting picked on because of this, I am here to convince you otherwise!

Why do blonde hair teachers smile during lightning storms?
They think their picture is being taken.

Did you know blonde haired women are more aggressive and determined to get their own way. This is probably due to blonde discrimination in workplaces. Studies show blonde haired women have to work harder at the start of a new job to prove themselves and show that they are actually

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