An Internship Program With Evan Guthrie Law Firm

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During Summer 2015, I participated in an unpaid internship program with Evan Guthrie Law Firm. While the employer is located in Charleston, South Carolina, my job as the intern is to be trained to become the editor and contributor in Hawaii for a new legal website, managed by the firm and dedicated for college students. This internship covered the Hawaii portion of the website. As the internship program and the training intended, I have learned much related to my major, Criminal Justice. This internship helped me to acknowledge that qualified, knowledgeable professionals are needed by our complex society to define, administer, and put our rules and standards into force. Like jobs in any other field, to work in the field of law requires expertise. Trained experts are the most desirable to be hired by organizations, tasked to manage justice, to direct their operations. By writing articles for the legal website, I learned to assess law enforcement situations orderly. I learned to make use of the basic legal and management theories to analyze the situations. I got the opportunity to show my understanding of the key process in the U.S. criminal justice system. I also learned to combine approaches from management, law, and the behavioral science to apply them to the situations I was studying. I have spent quality time to research on many topics. Not only are these topics related to my major and field of study, they also expands my world view – the fundamental cognitive orientation

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