An Intrusive Advisement Plan For First Generation Undeclared Freshmen

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The policy I propose is an intrusive advisement plan for first-generation undeclared freshmen called The “College and Career Explorer Program.” The policy incorporates three important components of well-developed policy, including a clear purpose, a clearly defined plan, and a plan for consistent implementation. The policy includes a detailed mission, a definition of whom exactly the policy serves, and the steps to take to make sure it is implemented successfully. In this particular case, there are guidelines for what the participating advisors are expected to do, such as contacting the students, and a timeline of when contact should take place. A training program to set the program up for success by making appropriate and consistent information available and an evaluation is also included so success can be measured. The policy is formatted based on the University of California, Davis policy template found at
The policy for the College and Career Explorer program is as follows:
I. Purpose
The objective of this policy is to provide key assistance to historically underserved students by providing extra guidance in careers exploration, class scheduling, and finding extracurricular activities on campus. Intrusive advisement for students will allow students to have a primary contact person on staff who can help the student navigate through university offices and procedures to help ensure a positive college
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