An Investigation Into Regional Integration : A Case Study Of The Sudan Conflict

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An investigation into Regional Integration as a solution to Conflicts in Africa African Union promotion of Peace and Security in Africa: A case study of the Sudan Conflict. Introduction In the 21st Century, the African continent leaders wanted to establish a more united continent. It is for this reason that the African leaders established the Organisation of African Unity in 1963, with the purpose of eradicating colonialism in Africa, and harmonize and deepen collaboration efforts of member states to achieve a better life for its people. A number of problems emerged such as the 1975 Angolan civil war and the Somalia invasion of Ethiopia 1978, besides most African economies were on the decline, these issues among others weakened the competence of the OAU. Beginning of 1999 certain leaders began to question why the OAU failed to prevail and resolve the social ills that afflicted Africa (Bujra 2002) Therefore, the OAU was scrapped and the African Union was established on 9th July 2002 with the key objective of upholding peace, security and stability on the African continent. Ever since, the AU has launched military operations to help control clashes in Burundi, Sudan, Somalia and the Comoros. This paper will discuss the Darfur Crisis which militarily escalated in 2003. “The deployment of AMIS took place in a complex context representing the first real test of the AU’s peacekeeping capacity”,( Ouguergouz & Yusufu 2012, p. 365). Ouguergouz and Yusufu assert that although
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