An Investigation Of Exit Exam

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AN INVESTIGATION OF EXIT EXAMS PRIOR TO GRADUATION TAYLOR EPHRIAM APRIL 2017 AP ENGLISH LIT. & COMP. DR.WILLIAMS TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT 2 INTRODUCTION 3 HISTORY 4 PROBLEM STATEMENT 5 STATISTICAL FINDINGS BASED OFF CASE STUDY 6 RESOLUTION 7 CONCLUSION 8 WORKS CITED 9 Abstract Twenty-six states currently have an exit exam for high school seniors. Graduates tend to enter the workforce with few basic skills or none at all. While others attend a university and are not as proficient as the professor assumes. This research paper will discuss, if basic skills are defined the same nationally, are the SAT and / or ACT identified as a basic skills exit exam, and lastly, discuss the impact the exit exam may have on…show more content…
An observation of an exit exam for high school seniors will reveal if students are proficient at basic skills prior to graduating. The researcher will investigate different point of views as well as come to a conclusion and present an opinion. Furthermore, the basic skills test will help show which schools are meeting the knowledge requirements for students. If students cannot pass a basic test perhaps a diploma should not be given. Many senior students feel obligated to have a relaxed schedule with a scarce amount of core classes, this may cause seniors to put three years of education to the side and become more attracted to courses for entertainment.. HISTORY Amid the 1980s, states started actualizing least competency exams to assess understudies ' essential abilities in perusing and science. Since exams were made under political weight, were to a greater extent a result of state policymakers and training reformers than of teachers and school chairmen (Chudowsky, Kober, Gayler and Hamilton, 2002). In the vicinity of 1973 and 1983, the quantity of states that executed a statewide least competency exam expanded from 2 to 34, however not each state made passing the exam a prerequisite for graduation (Linn, 2000, as referred to in Chudowsky et al., 2002). Amid the 1990s, a few states disposed of their base competency exams through and through or reformatted
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