An Opinion Without Context. Whenever Observing Anything,

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An Opinion Without Context Whenever observing anything, the key to completely understanding it is the context which surrounds the work. Observing a movie, without knowing when, where, and why it was created means it will not contain the same impact as it might otherwise. Take the Japanese film Gojira, which when originally created was an absolute scathing message regarding the effects of nuclear warfare, but observed by a non-native audience, the film ceases to be a message and starts to appear as a simple film about gigantic monsters. This phenomenon is as observable with Slaughterhouse Five as any other form of media. Slaughterhouse Five is one of the most misconstrued books in recent memory because of this idea and the complicated …show more content…

Personally, I couldn’t help but feel his message was an apathetic one on the first readthrough, only having my mind changed with later readings. The thing that stands out the most from Vonnegut’s masterpiece is the way he structures it, and it subsequently unnerved me as a reader. It is not like any other novel, in that “Billy begins to experience past, present, and future events at random, without reference” (Werlock). This nonlinearized structure is also emulated in the structure of the novel, making it something both the reader and Pilgrim experience his entire life out of order. Interestingly, Vonnegut addresses this structure in the novel, by including “Tralfamadorian Novels” which are multiple scenes meant to be read together to invoke strong feelings in the reader. Billy’s life being unfolded means that the reader observes it all at once, and implies that they are meant to gain some major insight or feeling from it (Gallagher). This hint, given about halfway through the novel, forces the reader to consider the meaning of the structure, and try to decide which emotion is meant to be drawn from Billy’s life. Initially, I only found apathy. As already addressed with Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, apathy tends to be the most accepted view. The author seems passive, as if to say that people should just settle and let to world beat them down into a bloodied pulp. The view can be easily derived from Billy’s behavior throughout the entire

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