An Organization For A Volunteer Program

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Throughout these three final weeks of the course we focused on three particular topics that emphasised and expands on community development. These three topics were Module’s 10 look at Organizations and their Nonprofit associated organizations, Volunteerism which is taken from Module 8; that as a community developer I would argue and recommend that every organization and institution needs to have volunteer program. The application of these above topics in an organization can increase [Module 7’s] Entrepreneurial Leadership, which in turn impacts the Economic Development of the community and society at large. Let me begin with Volunteerism, Volunteering is an essential quality an organization or institution can and should exhibit,…show more content…
These are as follows; one has to demonstrate effective communicative skills. (Hitt et al.,1999). 2. Initiative -led programs, these are said to encourage and nurture innovations are needed conditions. 3. Coupled with this question Is the process an attempt to generate and secure public resources? “The condition is the capacity to facilitate continuous exploration and idea generation” (Jelinek and Litterer, 1995, in Gupta et al., 2004 p.244). One must note that economic development is necessary for community growth and sustainability. Development implies insights, which are purposeful and are meant to be permanent and was said to influence community choices. Each person who decides to volunteer, do not only contribute to the community they reside or work, but also for the organizations who enlisted the aid of such persons. An establishment that uses Volunteerism, which is connected to their Human resources and non-profit [outfits] organizations; may not only receive accolades throughout their industry, but in the public via media relations. The benefits will transcend an establishments to the [a] neighbourhoods their employees reside or where their businesses are based. For example a student may volunteer at their local police principality because they want to see how officers deal with the public they serve. However, upon seeing the destitution and relationship issues between the
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