An Overview Of Some Background Work On How The Structure Of Society Impacts Health

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In this week 's reading, an overview of some background work on how the structure of society impacts health, the authors mention things like social status, social condition, social patterning, social groupings, etc. What do you think these nebulous soundings things are? How might they impact the health of individuals and populations? These are a basic reference to the way that people are separated and thus treated and destined to live out life. Through having the title of high social status, one is elevated higher than the middle or working poor. They have more options medically, nutritionally, and mentally. This is demonstrated in the movie People like Us, when the lady compared the quality of the affordable wonder bread ( Kolker & Alvarez, 1999). Opportunities are more readily attainable for the higher class. They are groomed in a manner that discourages negative behaviors with the risk of a drop in perception of class. Thus, healthier lifestyles and decisions are almost forced upon them. One of a higher class is expected to associate with people of the same class level. Thus, positive mentalities and habits are almost exclusively to that class. This might impact the health of individuals and populations due to the exploited difference. For instance, food consumption. Those of higher classes have more opportunities to eat foods that are nutrient dense. Fresh, organic, chemical free foods such as fruits, vegetables, and meats are affordable. In contrast, the working poor

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