An Summary Of The Story Of 'Anything Is Possible'

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The phrase ‘anything is possible’ became a mantra in Jack’s life. It was easy to believe when the days were filled with ambition, prosperity, and fortune. He became presumptuous; blinded by the belief that he was untouchable. It must have been a result of all his doubts being washed away by the sound of trumpets and glimpses of a pretty girl’s thighs. However, the allure of that lifestyle withered with the publication of each and every article regarding the stock market. The course pages of the paper spoke of declining percentages, monetary loss, and eventually, an economic crisis. Yet during this time, the working class were reassured by the suits; pacified with composed statures and audacious affirmations. When the truth had ultimately…show more content…
Jack held the same belief, despite the fact he would never express it vocally. The all too familiar mask of desperation was indisputably distinct on the men and women surrounding Jack. They were hungry, for something much more than food. Jack himself could understand, he couldn’t remember the last time he felt content. The majority of his time and energy was exhausted by the apprehension of a time when he would be incapable of feeding his family. The day’s proximity was too close for comfort, especially considering he hadn’t been employed for a number of months now. He heard stories sometimes, stories of men who created problems just for a pay check. Mickey, a man he was long ago acquainted with, was rumoured to have initiated forest fires in order to be employed by the fire department. Jack rued the day the state of his situation declined so severely he had no other choice than to resort to such disconcerting acts. He wondered if the men and women surrounding him had ever envisioned themselves participating in such delinquency. It was that moment Jack became conscious of the fact that these people had lives, comprised of their own experiences, desires, and struggles. It felt surreal, being in the midst of a bustling crowd yet at the same time, being so isolated. He sliced like a knife through everything; at the same time was outside, looking on. The people in front of Jack slowly moved
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