An Unauthorized Purchase Of A Computer Game

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The reporting student, the roommate, and the accused have resided together in the same residence live room since the commencement of the fall 2015 semester. Admittedly, tensions between the three male first year freshman have long since existed stemming from general personality clashes. Those clashes it is believed furnish the basis of the initial incident.
As some point in the fall semester, perhaps during the month of October, the roommate witnessed the accused accessed the reporting student’s personal computer without permission and with the reporting person’s knowledge. On this occasion the accused was observed making an unauthorized purchase of a computer game on the reporting person’s computer. At some point thereafter, the roommate recalls, the reporting person informed both the accused and the roommate that he did not account for specific purchase that had appeared against his account.
On another occasion, the accused invited two other students into the room the three shares to show them what he had discovered on the reporting student’s computer. Upon entering into the room, the accused was seen accessing the reporting student’s personal computer, making using of passwords and code accesses that had not previously been shared with the accused by the reporting student. Once accused had imputed the various passwords and or access codes, he directed the two students to view the screen of the reporting student’s laptop computer.
The accused showed the two students

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