An Urban Town From A Storybook

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An urban town pulled right from a storybook. Springfield, the small town in which I lived in, could not have looked more picture perfect as I walked down the street. All around I see families going about their usual activities, such as fetch with the dog, or grilling out. Every house looks the same, but I couldn 't be happier anywhere else. As I continue on, I spot a lemonade stand that offered twenty-five cents for a lemonade. The girl in the stand was tiny. Her light blonde hair was tightly pulled back into pigtails. A bow was fastened on the top of her head. She flashed me a big smile, exhibiting the bubble gum stuck in her braces. As I started to hand her a quarter, storm clouds quickly rolled in. A low nefarious laugh filled the air.…show more content…
In algebra, my teacher even fell asleep for a good ten minutes while we worked on our problems. I dont know about any of the other student in this horrid school, but I care about my learning! Right when the final bell rang I darted out of my seat. As I walked out the door of my class, I hear a whistle and a low voice say, “ Hey pretty girl, what’s your name?” “Addilyn,” I replied silently, “But I have to leave.” He grabs my arm and urges me to come with him. I tried to shake him off but he was at least one-hundred pounds heavier than me. With a violent push, I break free and quickly run for the exit. Later that night, I joined my mom and dad for a meal at our table. At that very moment, they weren’t fighting. Considering thats all they had been doing for weeks on end, the awkward silence didn 't seem that bad. I’m pretty sure my dad cheating on my mom, and that’s why my mom always cried. When I got home though, it would turn from crying to anger. “It’s your fault,” she would tell me. Their fighting sparked a fire of anger inside my mom that could only be extinguished by using me as water. In my heart I knew she didn 't mean it and that she was just upset, but sometimes I wondered if it was my fault they fought all the time. Maybe I did something that encouraged my dad to cheat on my mom. “Addilyn, how was your first day of school?” I shrugged at my mom I didn’t want to talk about it. I wanted

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