An analysis of three short stories written by Kate Chopin, 1914.

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An analysis of three short stories written by Kate Chopin, 1914. Kate Chopin, a pre 1914 author was born in 1850, in Missouri, USA. She was the third child of five for her parents Mr and Mrs O’Flaherty; however she was their only child to live past the age twenty-five. Her upbringing was very unfortunate, when she was only 5 she was sent to a boarding school but returned home on hearing the news that her father had died. She remained home and stayed there for a further two years with her mother and other female relatives. She was once again sent to the catholic boarding school and carried on her education until she graduated, she was well known and won many medals for her academic successes. She grew up surrounded by single…show more content…
There is evidence of this within ‘The Father of Dessires baby’, the author mentions that he is so happy that he doesn’t beat his slaves anymore, this shows that he actually had the right to beat them because they were his property. Kate Chopin’s short stories are all based on her experiences and have been influenced by the society that she lived in. In 1870, at the age of twenty she married Oscar Chopin, he was the son of a wealthy cotton growing family. Unlike the female characters Chopin writes of, her independence and intelligence was admired by her husband. They lived in New Orleans and had seven children before she was twenty eight, but was forced to move back to her husbands’ smaller home as he lost some money. He eventually died in 1882 while she ran the business. Two years later she moved back to her mothers, but she died a year later. To support her family she wrote short stories about people she had known these became very successful. She has published over one hundred stories, essays and sketches. Chopin wrote a book called “The Awakening” which caused a mass uproar, this caused her to be denied entrance to the fine art club based St Louis, she was hurt by this and wrote only a further few short stories. Kate Chopin later died from a haemorrhage on August 22nd 1904. In this essay I am going to analyse two texts which have been

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