Anal Sex Is The Act Of A Penis Being Inserted Into A Partner 's Anus

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Aaron Ikan, 13592100, Soc 64, Essay 1 on Sexual Activity Anal sex is the act of a penis being inserted into a partner’s anus. The act can be between male and female, or two males. The act can be pleasurable to some, and hurt for others. Anal sex can also be used to help reduce the risk of pregnancy, but not necessarily STD’s. I will compare anal sex in the United States today to anal sex during the time of the Ancient Greeks (800 B.C. to 500 B.C.). The activity is similar in a few ways, but there are plenty of differences. A similarity would be that a lot of the anal sex took place between two males. The U.S., however had more instances of anal sex between heterosexual partners. In the modern day U.S., anal sex is commonly referred …show more content…

Also, some people may view anal sex as “dirty” because it involves the anus. Finally, there’s anal sex between two men. The social attitudes will vary depending upon the beliefs of each person. Obviously, people who are anti-gay will argue that anal sex is bad because they believe that sex should only happen to procreate. As for people who do support gay rights, then they may be all for it. Some, however, will stress the importance of protection because of the risk of STD’s. So overall, the social norms/attitudes of anal sex in America today are mixed, but it is clear that people are generally more open to it than before. The Ancient Greeks (800 B.C. to 500 B.C.) were known to participate in anal sex. Their acts mostly involved two males. The interesting part is that lots of anal sex took place between young teen and older man. The older man would usually be in his mid-to-late 20s and the young man would be any age after puberty up to 18. This is called Pederasty (Holmen 2010). The Greeks, for the most part, did not condemn or criticize the act, but the actually encouraged, or at least permitted, it. Older men desired for sex, and viewed their wives as just the child-bearer. They looked to young men to appease their sexual desires. Younger males would seek mentorship, and the older males would teach them (Holmen 2010; Miko 2016). Many societies in Ancient Greece saw anal sex between males of different age groups as a rite-of-passage.

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