Analyse And Evaluate Factors That Customer Sanctification

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Analyse and evaluate factors that customer sanctification with hotel stays and the effect these factors have on hotel management strategies.

1, Introduction Hospitality industry has shown an important increasing in its growth and diversification in recent years. it is also a service industry which has direct communication with customers. “The rationale of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. For successful operation of the firm a customer takes the centre stage in the management policy”(as quoted by Kotler and Armstrong, 2009). As an indispensable part of a hotel, customer satisfaction has become one of the most popular field which is researched by the hotel …show more content…

“Transportation convenience, food and beverage management, convenience to tourist destinations and value for money are identified as excellent factors of customer satisfaction.” (Li, Ye & Law, 2013, p. 784). These factors will These factors will affect the hotel selection of the customers. After customers choose a hotel and stay for some time, customer satisfaction will affect their experiences and comfort levels. The comfort level is based on the quality of the service. To satisfy the customers, hotel must provide high standard service. Thus, customers will receive high quality service so that they will be satisfied and their comfort level can be improved. Therefore, customer satisfaction may not have a direct relationship with customers’ comfortable level, however, it still impact the comfortable level of the customers during the hotel stays. Another factor that affect customer satisfaction is the quality of the commodities. The commodities of the hotels are different from other industries. There are some common commodities such as high quality food, luxury rooms. However, Some commodities like services is invisible and important. Improve these invisible commodities is necessary for hotel to increase customer satisfaction so that customers can feel comfortable during the hotel stays. How to improve customers satisfaction effectively is the key point that hotels should focus on.
3, Body paragraph 2 The purpose of

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