Analysis Essay Words of My Youth by Joe Mackall

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Prejudgments Begin Young
In the memoir “Words of My Youth,” the author Joe Mackall recounts a moment in his life as he retells the events he experienced while growing up in the suburbs. Mackall wants the readers to know that there are always repercussions in life for choices that are made. Young children often make disheartening choices in life that they may have no reason for doing and they may not realize the effects of their own actions. If you are unaware that you are doing something wrong, ignorance should not be used as an excuse and one day you will have to face the consequences of your own actions. If adults don’t think their children will pick up on the prejudices they say then they are wrong.
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As the boys were celebrating the new slur they realized that Jesus was a Jew. They figured it shouldn’t be said, but they say continued to say it. He gets reprimanded by his mother and she tells him to send his friends on their way, pointless however because they all scattered.
Joe’s mother asks him, “What did you say out there? What were you saying”(60). Since she questioned him so badly Joe

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