Analysis : ' Never Trust A Snake ' Essay

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Furthermore, Mysterio, the WWE used a storyline with Mysterio to the next level in the hearts of the fans, and for better or worse, WWE found one with the passing of Mysterio’s real-life friend, Mysterio dedicated his matches to his friend Guerrero. This helped garnered Mysterio “the support of audiences across the nation, culminating in a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania 22 that saw Mysterio finally winning the heavyweight championship.” (Vargas, 10) The conflict and storyline, cementing Mysterio as a champion did not garner fan support; however, the WWE still places significant height and weight on a man overcoming the obstacles. (Vargas 10) In “‘Never Trust a Snake’, Henry Jenkins, Doctor of Philosophy and American media scholar writes about wrestling is intended for men as a sport with a melodramatic narrative. Jenkins offers his assessment on professional wrestling. Jenkins ' suggests that professional wrestling and how professional wrestling with American culture and sports as an outlet for emotional expression. (Jenkins, 34)
Professional wrestling that plays on the Marxist view of the bourgeoisie versus the proletariat. Furthermore, Jenkins proposes that wrestling allows to play out a narrative in which professional wrestling will overcome the upper class, the bourgeoisie. Professional wrestling is a way that men can express their emotions, opposing to common philosophies that men should keep their feelings intact. (Jenkins, 35) Jenkins states that WWF appeals

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