Analysis Of Alison Lester 's 2009-2010 Book Series

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Research question: Using an analysis of Alison Lester’s 2007-2008 book series, Bonnie and Sam, it is the aim to investigate if representations continue to construct and naturalise ‘traditionally acceptable models of gender’ in contemporary Australian children’s literature. Research background: Since the 1970s, there has been a significant increasing in academic interest surrounding gender in children’s literature. Peter Hunt (2009) argues literature has gained academic focus as society comes to recognise how it can shape it “in fundamental and long-lasting ways” (15-16). This is particularly true of children’s literature, which Hunt argues functions as an “introductory exposure” for children to “recurrent ideas” about culture and…show more content…
Within this framework, construction of gender is produced largely “by language and discourse” (Sunderland, 2004, 14). Children’s literature reflects and represents both discourse’s acceptable models and prominent concerns. Representation, then, as drawing from ideological discourse, seeks to “instruct … the reader in what counts as gender-appropriate behaviour” (Cameron, 2008, 50). For Cameron (2008), this is particularly interesting as it means discourse has potential for recuperation to a system. By ensuing that individuals are positioned to accept the produced notions of identity as their own and internalising it as it “as the norm”, discourse creates the perception of “desirable normalcy” and “undesirable difference” (54). This recognises that recuperation back to traditional ‘systems’ is reliant on representations have the “force of the norm”, intentional or otherwise (56). Research Methods and Methodology: The project will utilise two key analyses, discourse analyses and a textual analysis of contemporary Australian children’s literature over a ten-year period (2006 – 2016), with a specific focus on Australian author Alison Lester’s 2007 book series, Bonnie and Sam. These methodologies will function within a constructionist approach to provide an in-depth look examination of representations as

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