Analysis Of ' August Wilsons ' Fences '

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August Wilsons “Fences” takes us on a journey that transforms the 20th century impression of a Negro Family with Insatiability, Tenderness, and Sacrifice. The famous play is an autobiography of an American Negro man who loses his dreams for the people he loves. Fences demonstrates us what sacrifice looks like and how egocentricity still exist today. Fences takes place with a family in Pittsburgh from 1957 to 1965. The characters are Troy, Bono, Rose, Lyons, Gabriel, Cory, and Raynell. Fs important because it teaches us Love, respect, responsibility, dignity, and also about discrimination and how it still endured the black population after slavery had been abolished nearly a century before the biggest approach from Fences for any director is an all Negro cast. This show requires a mature cast who can take on the theme of Oppression.
Fences is a grave, dark, depressed production that goes through the life of Troy Maxon a Negro living in Pittsburgh with his wife and son Cory while at times his friend Bono accompanying him. There are three important themes of this play and audience should leave the theater feeling Insatiability, Tenderness, and Sacrifice. As a production Fences takes you on a roller coaster, fences will grab your gut and keep you on your toes. Troy Maxon is living a life of guilt because of his non existent dream of playing baseball. Troy has sacrificed for his “Flesh and blood”. This is deeper than not playing baseball. His pride and dignity is covered…
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