Analysis Of Away From Her

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The film, Away from Her, tells a story about a couple whose marriage is tested throughout the film. The couple in the film are Grant and Fiona. Their marriage is tested when Fiona starts to suffer from Alzheimer’s and moves into a nursing home. There, she losses almost all the memories she had of her husband, Grant. She, then, begins to develop a new relationship with one of her nursing home peers. As much as it hurts Grant, he must protect Fiona’s happiness.
When Fiona decides to check into a nursing home, where one of the rules is that a patient cannot have any visitors for the first 30 days, in order to "adjust". Wary of this policy, Grant agrees anyway, at the insistence of his wife whom he loves. During the drive to the home, Fiona acknowledges Grant's past infidelity while he was a university professor. Despite the awkward situation, the couple makes love one last time before separating.
When the 30-day period ends, Grant goes to visit his wife again, only to find she has forgotten him, and turned her affections to Aubrey, a mute man in a wheelchair who has become her "coping partner" in the facility. A caregiver at the facility befriends Grant and gives him some advice and support.
While seeing his wife grow closer to Aubrey, Grant becomes an unhappy voyeur when visiting his wife at the nursing home. As time goes by and Fiona still does not remember him, Grant even wonders whether Fiona's dementia is an act, to punish him for his past indiscretions. After some time,

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