Analysis Of Before I Fall

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Danielle Lahm

12 August 2017

Ms. Bennett

Before I Fall

In the young adult novel Before I Fall, the reader experiences life seven times through a young girl with the ultimate hope of surviving. Lauren Oliver tells the chilling, heartbreaking story of young Sam Kingston, who is forced to relive the night of her death in a fatal car accident, every night for a week. The only way to break the curse is for her to realize her mistakes, and find a way to make things right with the people she has hurt in the past. Through her repeated days, Sam learns that the first glimpse doesn't always give us a full picture of what is truly happening around us.
Before I Fall takes place in present day Connecticut, where Sam and her friends reside. Sam Kingston begins the novel as a popular and beautiful high school student, who has the world at her fingertips. Sam and her friends rule the school, and don’t care who they have to hurt to keep their popularity status. A keg party, a violent encounter, and seven car crashes later-- Sam is forced to go through her own personal hell until she realizes she has to change her actions and behavior for her to truly be free.
The story starts with Sam being picked up for school by her best friend, Lindsay. They are quickly joined by their other girlfriends, Elody and Ally. From the beginning of the novel, the reader can quickly tell that the four girls are inseparable, and are used to their popularity and the advantages it has to offer. They arrive to
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