Analysis Of Brokeback Mountain 's Plot

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The basis of a story is built upon the characters and their actions. A story would have little shape without a character to root for or against depending on their characteristics and the categorization of protagonist or antagonist. The qualities of the character affect how they will react in a situation, rolling into the literary element of conflict. Brokeback Mountain’s plot is based around a character’s inner conflict, a battle between person belief and society. The characters greatly added assets to many aspects of the story.
In the short story, Ennis and Jack are both described as rough mannered, rough- spoken, and inured to the stoic life (Proulx 1). Ennis had a high arched nose and narrow face, was scruffy, had a caved chest, a small torso and caliper legs, possessed a muscular and supple body made for horses and fighting (Proulx 3). He was a high school dropout and grew up having much of nothing after his parents died when he was just a young boy (Proulx 2). The death of his parents forced him to mature at a young age. At the age of 19, he had a difficult time finding work and it wasn’t until he came to Brokeback Mountain that he found a summer job. This was also where he met Jack who had come from a similar background. Jack had curly hair and a quick laugh, but carried weight in the haunch and his smile showcased his buckteeth. He loved the rodeo life. His boots were worn to the quick and holed beyond repair (Proulx 3). Jack too was a high school dropout and was…
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