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Ricky Smith
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Dyslexia is a learning disability that many children have but are misunderstood until they have actually been diagnosed with the learning disability. Dyslexia does not mean that children are not smart; it just means that they learn different. This is why it is sometimes for parents to understand why their children are not doing well in school and struggle sometimes with a simple task of reading a book. My book report is about a 280 page book called “Can’t Rad, Can’t Write, Can’t Talk Too Good Either: How to Recognize and Overcome Dyslexia in Your Child.” In the book “Can’t Rad, Can’t Write, Can’t Talk Too Good Either: How to Recognize and Overcome Dyslexia in Your Child,” the
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According to the NCLD or National Center for Learning Disabilities, both children and adults with dyslexia possess a neurological disorder that makes their brain see and interpret information in a different way (NCLD, 2014).Dyslexia is a learning disorder that people carry throughout their life and causes difficulties in a number of areas which can include reading, spelling, and writing. Some people with dyslexia can have trouble speaking as well. In the beginning of the book, Mike’s mother shares insight about Mike’s early years as a child. During the time that Mike was a little over two years old his family felt that he had his own language. Although he loved to talk to everyone he met, many people did not understand him. And his parents were not able to tell people what he was saying because they did not understand Mike either. Mike’s family saw him as a normal healthy child with a unique way of communicating. They had no idea that Mike was already displaying signs of a learning disorder that would follow him all his life. The book was published in 1974 so during the time when Mike grew up no one understood anything about dyslexia. Not even Mike’s pediatrician who said that he was going through a stage and would grow out of it. His mother and father did not think about it too much after that. They just went along with their son and his special language. By the time Mike reached the age
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