Analysis Of Carolyn Gardner, 12 Year Old Beginner Basketball Player

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My subject and person that I chose to perform this movement is Carolyn Gardner, 12-year-old beginner basketball player in the sixth grade. She is on the junior varsity team and this is her first time playing basketball on a team. This is her first time playing any team sport. Right now she is learning the basics and having a hard time focusing but that is expected being her first year. The reason I chose Carolyn is because since this is her first time playing basketball on a team and her first sport, there is no muscle memory developed as of yet. I can analyze her foul shot and movements and see raw unrehearsed kinetics of her movements.
The methods of data collection I will use to analyze Carolyn’s movement skills in the fouls shot are a digital camcorder recording of sagittal plane of her dominant side, also frontal plane view. I will use Coaches Eye, a video recording application. Three times will be recorded for analysis. I also will physically record on a chart. My limitations will be the environment because I will have to conduct this analysis outside of a gym, so I will not have a basketball hoop but I will have a goal for Carolyn to aim for. With this data that I will apply it to what I have researched about gaining and practicing the best skill for the ultimate performance. Then I will have my subject Carolyn practice and then re analyze her movement’s.
The analyzed movement will be the basketball free throw shot. I have found peer reviewed articles on how to
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