Analysis Of Chopped And Screw

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Houston, Texas is the hometown of an artist who pioneered an innovative genre of rap. Robert Earl Davis Jr., better known as DJ Screw, birthed this genre by experimenting with turntables at a young age. To Davis, there was precision in making his beat stand out from the others. His experimentation led to the creation of what he called Chopped and Screwed. DJ Screw’s interpretation of ideal rap music governed not only the genre, but artist throughout Houston. During the 90’s, Chopped and Screwed had a notable effect on musical, social, pharmaceutical, and cultural aspects in Houston which are still being expressed today. Rap before Chopped and Screwed, like Miami bass, was usually upbeat with a fast tempo. Few artists during the early …show more content…

To have a more intense and emotional experience with Chopped and Screwed, listeners often paired it with sipping lean. Chopped and Screwed and lean complemented each other very well. DJ Screw and other related Houston rappers often promoted lyrics about abusing lean. This made drinking the substance socially acceptable and popular. Jesse Serwer, author of “DJ Screw: From Cough Syrup to Full-Blown Fever” stated, “that’s just the culture down here and a way of life”. From then on, “Sipping Lean” became a staple in the lives and music of Houston’s artists and listeners. The impact of Chopped and Screwed ventures on into the change of Houston’s culture. Chopped and Screwed for Houstonians was and still is a cultural identity. For example, June 27th is the day Houston habitants celebrate DJ Screw. That is how important he is to rap music. Artist such as Drake have produced remixes from one of DJ Screw’s most memorable songs, June 27th. DJ Screw mixed and mastered the beat and various artist freestyled over the beat. Many Houston artists supported the movement DJ Screw spearheaded because it influenced the culture remarkably. The start of Screwed Up Click also greatly shaped Chopped and Screwed. DJ Screw, the leader of the group, invited other Houston rappers to join. Some of the original members included, but were not limited to, Big Moe, Fat Pat, Mike D, Botany Boyz, and Big Hawk. Other members who

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