Analysis Of Coastal Middle School

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Coastal Middle School is a Magnet school located in Savannah, Georgia. Its district is Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools. The principal of Coastal Middle School is Kerry Coursey. Coastal Middle School has 719 students in grades 6-8. The normal number of students for middle schools in the state of Georgia is 733, so Coastal Middle School is average-sized. The student-teacher ratio at this school is 15:1. The student and teacher population has stayed the same over five years. There is almost an equal percentage of females and males at Coastal Middle School with 49% males and 51% females. The school is diverse consisting of 6% Asians, 4% Hispanic, 19% African America, 66% Caucasian, and 5% is of two or more races. Coastal Middle School …show more content…

Of all the passing rates and ranking numbers, this school seems to be doing very well. There are so many great aspects of Coastal Middle School. A model school is the idea of excellence. Coastal Middle school represents excellence in education (Model Schools, 2017). This school is very diverse, and has succeeded because it has met the needs of students from a diverse range of backgrounds. Coastal Middle School teaches a range of different students from different ethic groups, backgrounds, socioeconomic levels, and knowledge. Coastal Middle School has a significantly different ethnic distribution compared to other schools in the city, which makes it so special. The mathematics curriculum is aimed to meet the diverse needs of students. The curriculum has high standards across a wide spectrum of mathematical topics; it is a challenging program that expands student achievement in mathematics. The mathematical curriculum is in different components, which are algebra, data analysis, probability, measurement, number and operations, and geometry (SCCPSS, 1998). These elements guarantee a level transition through grade levels. The mathematics curriculum is intended to increase each child's mathematical experiences. The use of tangible objects and visual examples is important for students to comprehend concepts. Using technology in teaching is vital too, and it will offer flexibility in the learning environment. Students should be able to solve concrete problems, investigate

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